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The Nerds Rule!

Yesterday the SpaceX rocket successfully launched on a resupply mission to the International Space Station AND for the first time successfully landed the reusable 1st stage on a drone barge in the Atlantic Ocean. It was a thrilling moment for all of the engineers involved in the program and for me, too!

Beginning with the earliest space missions of the 60's I've followed the programs closely and am proud to proclaim that I'm a huge Nerd at heart!

The SpaceX company itself provided detailed coverage of the launch and recovery via a webcast. I couldn't help but be amazed at the great production done by a noticeably young group of company engineers. They skillfully guided the viewer step by step throught the highlights of the mission as it was happening and to the cheers of the engineers in the background.

It's amazing to think how the mission coverage has evolved since the early days of space exploration.

Take a look. Very nicely done Nerds. Celebrate!

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